5 Reasons Durango, CO is a Great Romantic Getaway

Experience Your “Romance Story”

When we reminiscence about William’s Shakespeare’s “Romano and Juliet,” we envision a “romance of antiquity,” an enduring true love through the ages. What is the secret of an eternal romance? Is it not a tiny seed of love planted within the hearts of two, and all that is necessary is for a little spark to enable the “candle of romance” to ignite? A flawless setting to infuse a little romance lies in a “great romantic getaway.” Where will it take you? Continue reading “5 Reasons Durango, CO is a Great Romantic Getaway” »


Halloween Attractions in Disneyland Great for the Entire Family

Halloween, of course, is on October 31, but Disneyland will be celebrating the spooky holiday from September 9 to October 31. As can be guessed, Disneyland will pull out all the stops in terms of decorations; there will be pumpkins and orange lights everywhere. There will also be plenty of events:

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Why the Poconos is a Great Fall Destination

Located in northeastern Pennsylvania, the Poconos is one of the most popular vacation spots on the East Coast. A four-season area, it boasts lovely waterfalls, clean, safe parks, sparkling lakes, mountains and a virtually unlimited number of hiking and biking trails. Famous for its fall foliage, autumn is considered the best time to visit this beautiful and diverse area. Continue reading “Why the Poconos is a Great Fall Destination” »

lansing state capitol

Time for A Visit To Lansing, Michigan?

This is a guest post provided by Derksen Dentistry in Lansing, Michigan.

In case some of you travelers have been out of the loop of popular tourist sites, Michigan has become one of the top choices for destinations in the United States. The state has been enjoying a resurgence in tourism as a result of some highly publicized tourist attractions around the state, and Lansing is one of the towns with a lot to offer.

While Detroit, Grand Rapids and Traverse City tend to steal much of the spotlight, Lansing wraps many of these locations’ amenities into a convenient package. Travel to Lansing is fast and easy from nearly any point in the U.S. with a local airport connecting daily flights to hubs like Detroit and Minneapolis. Once you’ve arrived, it’s good to have an itinerary to maximize your experience in Michigan’s state capitol.  Continue reading “Time for A Visit To Lansing, Michigan?” »

How to make friends while traveling

How to Make Friends When Traveling Alone

You might be thinking to yourself “why would someone want to travel alone?” after reading the headline to this article. Surprisingly, a lot of people travel alone all of the time, some preferring to travel alone. Traveling alone doesn’t mean that you will be alone the entire time of your trip. There are plenty of ways to make friends through your travels. Find out how below!

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Places to visit in southwestern michigan

10 Places to Visit in Southwest Michigan

Whatever reason you are planning to travel, sometimes you need to think about what it is that you would like to do while in a certain location. If you are planning on heading to the Southwestern part of Michigan, then here are a 10 places to visit.

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West Michigan Beaches Picture

West Michigan Beaches

West Michigan is the home to beach towns because of the perfect location on Lake Michigan. Michigan’s West Coast becomes alive during the summer months. Most of West Michigan’s Beaches are not far from major Michigan cities like Grand Rapids. See what the beaches along Lake Michigan have to offer on a summer day and summer evening.

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Planning Your Wedding in Gulfport, Florida

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding. The venue, the caterer, the flowers, the music–all for one glorious day that will be remembered forever. While it is good to be flexible if plans change or go wrong, there are things you can do to make sure that the day goes as perfectly as possible.

Here are a few tips for planning your dream wedding in Gulfport, Florida. Continue reading “Planning Your Wedding in Gulfport, Florida” »


Spend a Romantic Weekend on Cape Cod

By its very nature, Cape Cod lends itself to being a romantic destination, attracting couples and newlyweds from all over. Once the canal that separates the arm-shaped peninsula from mainland Massachusetts has been crossed, there’s a sense of leaving all the noise and worries of daily life behind while being embraced by a place that can be the perfect hideaway for romantic couples. Continue reading “Spend a Romantic Weekend on Cape Cod” »


Planning Your Wedding in Chimney Rock, North Carolina

Chimney Rock is one of the best destinations for any wedding. Though the tiny little village is home to less than 150 people, it offers a number of great venues for your big day. Imagine exchanging vows in front of all your loved ones and friends with the gorgeous mountains behind you. Chimney Rock State Park offers brides and grooms the chance to plan a smaller and more intimate wedding or a larger and more elaborate ceremony, and you’ll find local businesses that offer wedding packages and amenities for couples too. Continue reading “Planning Your Wedding in Chimney Rock, North Carolina” »

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