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Craft Breweries in Grand Rapids That You Should Know About

The claim to “Beer City USA” belongs to several cities, but a deserving city is certainly Grand Rapids, MI. With over 30 breweries in the area, all of which create excellent variations and takes on traditional beers, Grand Rapids is a leading force in the craft beer movement. Thanks to the help of May Group […]

19 Things to Know About Lansing Before Moving There

Lansing, Michigan is not only the state capital, it is also a city that has been home to some of the greats and continues to amaze residents and visitors alike. There is no shortage of fun packed things to do while in Lansing, but there is also an abundance of awesome Lansing facts that make […]

Making Sure Your Hotel Caters to Your Needs

People often forget that part of the customer service experience when booking hotels begins with that hotel having the right accommodations for you and your fellow travelers. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, and the last thing you want to have to worry about is a hotel not having the right amenities. People with disabilities […]

How to Look Like You Just Got Back from an Island Vacation

Post-vacation blues is a common nostalgic feeling that gets the better of every one of us. Certainly, it can’t be easy to program the brain to work mode after all the sun and salt that it has soaked up. But then, think about this—come lunch break, you’ll get to flaunt all the nitty-gritty about how fabulous […]

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