5 Wonders of Yosemite National Park

Visiting a national park is a great vacation for the whole family. National parks can educate and excite young children. Today it is very hard to get a good sense of nature as most of the people live in cities and suburbs. Taking your children to a national park can be a fun and new experience for them, and Yosemite is a great place to start. There are giant trees and steep cliffs. Visiting Yosemite is a great way to get some fresh air and some exercise. Here are 5 wonders of Yosemite National Park that you should experience with the whole family.

  1. Glacier Point: You can go up to Glacier Point and overlook magnificent views of the valley, the Half Dome, and the falls. You can also spend the end of your day on the cliff watching the sunset. There is a park tour bus so you can get to the point safely.
  2. Half Dome: This is a rock formation made of granite that is named for its unique shape. Three sides of the dome are smooth and rounded out, however, the fourth side is sheer and straight. This gives it the appearance of a dome cut in half. You can take a day-long hike to the top, or you can view it safely from the ground in Yosemite Valley.
  3. Yosemite Falls: You can hike or take a tour bus to go visit the falls. There is an Upper and a Lower Yosemite Falls. The hike up to the Lower Falls is a short one-mile walk that can give you beautiful views of the Lower and Upper Falls.
  4. Yosemite Valley: In the middle of all these amazing wonders is the Yosemite Valley. Some of the best views can be found walking along the valley.
  5. The Sequoia trees: There is something extremely fascinating about the giant Sequoia trees, not to mention humbling. When walking among these trees, everyone feels small and the kids will enjoy that they aren’t the only small ones for a change.

There is no way to describe with words or pictures the beauty of Yosemite. It is a fun adventure for the full family and you will have to experience it for yourself. Of course, you will need somewhere to stay if you go. Hotel Charlotte is a boutique hotel located at the gateway to Yosemite in Groveland, California. With amazing service and an old west ambiance, it is hard not to enjoy yourself at this amazing hotel.

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