Alaska by Train

Lately, I’ve been craving an adventure that’s a little different from my typical vacation spot. Usually I seek out big city destinations where I can get my cultural and shopping fixes as well as the thrill of experiencing a new place. But now, with work and family stress mounting, a relaxing escape to a more natural setting is suddenly very appealing. Bright city lights have their allure, but I’m having one of those weeks where I just want to be able to see the stars.

Then I thought, why not take it a step further? And that’s when my lifelong dream to see the northern lights slipped into my mind. As winter draws to a close, going north for a vacation doesn’t seem as bad of a prospect as it might have a month or two ago! So now I find myself dreaming of the northern wilderness of Alaska and the beauty I can behold.

Planning a trip to a destination like Alaska can be daunting at first, but now there are so many options to make it affordable and easy to plan! At first I considered an Alaskan cruise (expensive!) but then I thought that maybe I could see Alaska by my favorite mode of transportation: a train. Sure enough, I was able to find America By Rail with train tours to Alaska and Canada to take in the great beauty of the North American wilderness- sign me up! A few minutes glancing through the photos on this site were enough to convince me.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to plan my Alaskan vacation until this summer, when the aurora is a bit harder to spot, but hopefully I’ll get lucky. I’ll use this handy aurora forecast tool provided by the Alaska Geophysical Institute to help put the odds in my favor.

If a northern wilderness vacation tour doesn’t hold the same appeal for you, there are still tons of opportunities to relax and enjoy a train vacation. Train trips are available to all kinds of diverse locations, so there’s something for everyone. With all accommodations provided, these train tours really take the stress away from vacation planning.

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