Alternative Ways to Spend Your Spring Break

America by Rail

Winter always feels too long, and for a lot of people, Spring Break is the first opportunity to shed off the winter blues and head for warmer climates. The problem is, everyone always does the same thing. Beaches and the sun can be a great way to spend Spring Break, but for those that are looking to mix it up this year, there are plenty of great options out there:

Go on a Road Trip

It’s about the journey, not the destination. A road trip can be a great way to see the country and blow off some steam. If you’re going with friends or family, it’s a great opportunity to bond or catch up. If you’d rather go alone, you’ll have plenty of time to think and just enjoy yourself. You could finally go see that strange landmark you’ve always wanted to see or cross a few states off your list. Drive up and down the coast or from coast to coast. Websites like Roadtrippers will help you plan the whole thing out to make sure you don’t miss anything, you don’t have to have a plan. You could just get in the car and drive wherever your instinct takes you. The possibilities are endless.

Go on a Cruise

While everyone else plays in the sand, you could rule the seas. The best thing about cruises is that they come in every size and go everywhere. You could tour the Caribbean, sail up toward Alaska, or even float down a Norwegian river. You could go with five-hundred other people or five-thousand. The world is your oyster. Because there are so many cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Disney, there is always a cruise that is perfect for you. You can narrow it down based on how many days you want to be at sea, whether part of the world you’d like to go to, ports you want to visit, and even whether you want your favorite cartoon characters on board.

Go on a Train Tour

So many people forget that North America’s vast railway network means amazing sightseeing opportunities for tourists. Companies like America by Rail will take you wherever you want to go to see whatever you want to see in a way most people never get to. They let you narrow your tour by region, length, dates, etc. to pick the one that’s right for you. You could tour the Eastern or Western U.S., Canada, national parks, New England, and many others. Like a road trip, you can see anything and everything, but the best part about a train tour is that you don’t have to drive. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the amazing views.

Go to Another Country

Half of America’s college students will rush straight to Mexico on any given Spring Break, but there are plenty of other countries in Central and South America that are just as beautiful. People usually stop at the Yucatan Peninsula, but countries like Guatemala and Venezuela still deserve to be on your radar. If flying isn’t in your budget, taking a train, riding a bus, or driving still might be. Remember, North, Central, and South America are all connected. Even if you only get to spend a day or two experiencing the rich culture and taking in the sun, the views and fun you got to experience on the way there will definitely be worth it.

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