The Benefits of Having Your Wedding at a Bed & Breakfast

Bed & breakfasts have long been a trend for wedding venues. Choosing the right venue for your wedding is incredibly important because after all, it is the place where you’ll be getting married. For most, the venue is where the ceremony and the reception will take place. The venue is the layout to your entire event and it determines how many vendors you can have, how many guests you can invite, whether or not you can supply a DJ, and whether you can cater your own food. The venue is a big decision. There’s a reason bed & breakfasts have played such a vital role in weddings. They’re unique and a nontraditional wedding venue that still has just as much elegance. Here are the benefits to having your wedding at a bed & breakfast:

Charming Venue

B&Bs offer something that many other venues cannot: a charming setting. Many bed and breakfasts are well-designed, many with dramatic features, large fireplaces, Victorian style furniture, detailed woodwork, cast iron benches and tables, statement staircases, and much more.

Great for Small Wedding Parties

For some, limited space doesn’t seem like much of a benefit, but small weddings are actually becoming more and more common for variety of reasons (two reasons being they’re more economical and eco-friendly). B&Bs are great for small weddings. It lowers your budget and you have an excuse to tell those you can’t invite that the wedding venue is smaller than normal.

Everyone Stays in One Place Together

Your out-of-town friends and relatives can stay in the B&B if you choose to have a stay option for guests. Bed & breakfasts keep everyone in one place and everyone stays together throughout the entire event. Guests will feel more comfortable keeping their doors open and enjoying company in a private bed & breakfast venue.

Food Included

Ask your B&B of choice what their catering options are. Typically, you can expect breakfast to be included for your guests (freshly baked muffins, eggs, blueberry pancakes, fresh fruit juice, bagels, and more). Ask about dinner, too. Some B&Bs might include food for guests or allow you to bring in your own.

The Owners Know Local Vendors

More than likely, the B&B owners know locals and can suggest some of the best vendors for your wedding. They might even be able to hook you up with some deals.

Access to B&B Amenities

Bed & breakfasts offer many amenities to their guests in general, so your wedding guests might also be able to take advantage of these perks, like spa treatments and pampering.

Beautiful Setting for Wedding Photos

Bed & breakfasts offer some of the best wedding photo opportunities. As mentioned above, bed & breakfasts are well-appointed and designed beautifully. Just imagine the photos you can take in front of a Victorian style fireplace or in the outdoor garden.

About the Author: Olivia is a guest contributor for Westby House Inn, a bed and breakfast located in Westby, Wisconsin.

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