Booking a Hotel Online

A survey among 10,000 young independent travelers found that over 85% book their hotel reservations for their vacations online. The research, which is part of a global study conducted by World Youth & Student Educational Travel Confederation, showed the proportion has risen five times in five years. Additionally, 90% of young holiday-makers use the Internet to search for information before departing on their trip.

According to the inquiry, the average spend per vacation has increased by 20% since 2008, which makes the tourism industry much more lucrative. The most popular destinations for young travelers include France, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and the UK. Almost three quarters travel to explore, learn a language, volunteering or studying abroad and 80% say they return more appreciate and tolerant of other cultures as a result.

The ability to retain customers on a hotel website, and convince them that your hotel provides the most value relative to others in the area certainly has a much bigger impact than it did before, and there’s no sign of that trend slowing down.

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