The Best California Food Festivals in August

California has everything. Tourist attractions. Beaches. Celebrities. Palm Trees. The sun. And like every state, it has summer festivals. Though summer is winding down for most of us, summer is practically year-round for Californians and the summer festivals extend well into August. Unique cuisines are not a rarity in California and each year, several hundred festivals highlight the tastes of many cultures and food of all sorts.

The Annual Woodland Tomato Festival
The 8th Annual Woodland Tomato Festival takes place Saturday, August 8 and this festival is free. It’s located in downtown Woodland, a historic part of California and only 25 minutes outside of Sacramento, and very close to the San Francisco Bay Area.

This festival is all kinds of fun, with a restaurant competition to see who has the best salsa and free tomato tasting. A tomato festival is for gardeners, families, chefs, and really anyone who wants to try something new free of charge. The event is hosted by The Woodland Farmers Market.

Annual Long Beach Crawfish Festival
If you like seafood, this California classic festival is for you. Located at the Rainbow Lagoon in Long Beach, CA, this festival takes place August 14 through August 16 with everything from seafood tasting to a sports tent hosted by DirecTV. Festival-goers can even sign up for the VIP Experience, enjoy a prime seat location under a large canopy with a front stage view.

Chinatown Street Fest
This festival, which draws more than 100,000 people, takes over 10 blocks during August 22 and 23 in Oakland Chinatown. Festival participants can enjoy the flavors of Chinatown, hear what the culture is like, and experience all kinds of entertainment from stage performances to arts and crafts shows. This type of festivals, like all others, brings together community through food and entertainment.

About the Author: Malory is a guest contributor from POSH Palm Springs Inn, a beautiful desert retreat located in Palm Springs, California.

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