Corporate Housing and Hotels: What Are They?

If you’re traveling for business and will be in one area for more than a few days, sure, you could stay at a regular hotel, but having to go out to eat every night and being without a lot of the amenities you’d have at home can get frustrating. In addition, you might not want to deal with the constant flow of travelers in and out of the hotel every day. Instead, there are certain hotels and housing options that cater to professionals who would fare better in a room more like a small apartment.

Most corporate hotels look like regular hotels, but often are a bit smaller. In addition, they’re typically not as busy as a traditional hotel and thus offer a bit more peace and quiet. Most residents are adults traveling alone rather than families with children.

The rooms are a bit more home-like at extended-stay hotels, as they have kitchenettes and an office area complete with a desk and office chair (and they’re typically really nice chairs, like these!). There’s no need to pack kitchen items, either, as these rooms come with utensils, pots and pans, storage containers, and other supplies you’d need to cook your own meals. Most of these corporate hotels have free laundry service or a laundromat those who are staying can use as well as mailboxes and storage lockers. Most have workout rooms and some have pools and spas. Lastly, a number of these hotels have door buzzers much like apartment complexes so guests of residents can visit after hours – there often is not a person at the front desk 24 hours a day.

Although these lodging options are made for traveling businesspeople, you can rent them out as a regular hotel room. However, they often are a lot more expensive than staying at a chain such as Holiday Inn or Best Western. Many participate in reward programs, however, so if you like to collect points or have enough points, they might be a good option for a regular stay.

If you know you’ll be away on business for a while or are on the road by yourself (or with another adult) and want an upgraded room in a quiet hotel, corporate housing/hotels might be a good avenue to explore. Some extended stay options in Atlanta can be found here:






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