Never Forget Anything in Your Hotel Room Again

There’s always that moment, after leaving a hotel or inn, when you realize you left your phone charger behind the desk or your favorite necklace on the bathroom counter. It happens to the best of us, when you’re rushing to check out or tired after a long trip and just want to get home, you often slack off on repacking your bags. And sadly, more often than not when something is left behind it’s gone for good.

After leaving behind my own pajamas (of all things and I don’t even know how it happened) I realized I needed a better exit plan when leaving a hotel. When I’m packing for a trip, I always make a checklist of things I’m going to need by going category by category: toiletries, morning, night, etc. I usually just toss the list after I’m packed, but I decided why not use the list for when I’m repacking my bag at the end of a trip?

My packing lists have become an essential item to make sure is packed in itself. I now, when repacking to leave a hotel, take out my list and run through it while walking around the room, making sure everything can be checked off a second time. If something is missing I know that I missed it while visually scanning the room. Always making sure to double check that the safe is empty, as often passports and money could  be left behind.

Some examples of what to include on your list are things that you take for granted like phone chargers, toothbrushes, face wash left in the shower etc. Generally I literally write down every last item that I am bringing with me just to keep consistency, but if you feel advanced you may just make a list of the things you know you usually will forget. This works too and can help just jog your memory or since you always write these items down it may start making you remember them all on your own.

This method has helped me to be organized before and after a trip and I have yet to leave any more pajamas behind. Checklists may not be your thing, but they really do help your mind remember what you would normally forget. Return home with everything you left with and never forget anything in your hotel room again!

About the Author: Sarah is a guest contributer from The Gateways Inn, a beautiful travel destination located in Lenox, MA.


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