Frequently Asked Questions Associated with Wedding Planning

Wedding planning comes with a lot of questions. Often times, these are common questions that we all have at some point during the planning process. We often have questions about cost, how to stay eco-friendly, who pays for what, where the most affordable dress is, and so much more. The questions associated with planning a wedding are endless.┬áDon’t feel like you’re the only one with questions, because even the savviest planner has questions at some point about his or her wedding. With all the wonder and curiosity swarming your head when it comes to your big day, here are 15 commonly asked wedding questions answered.

Which wedding theme is right for me?

There are endless themes to choose from and you might find yourself overwhelmed eventually with what type to choose whether it’s a traditional or a nonconventional theme. Don’t feel too overwhelmed though. The wedding planning process is supposed to be fun. So keeping that in mind, try this wedding quiz by PlayBuzz which helps you decide what the right wedding theme is for you.

What wedding colors are right for me?

Your theme will likely decide which wedding colors will work best for your wedding, but go ahead and try this wedding style quiz to help determine what your wedding style is. The Knot also has some great tips on choosing your wedding colors. Check them out here.

Which wedding dress is right for me?

Ball gown, sheath, mermaid, A-line, or short. There are many to choose from. Stuck on which dress style works best for you? It’s all dependent on what you want. Before choosing, conduct soem research. Utilize this David’s Bridal wedding dress guide to determine which wedding dress is best for you.

Who pays for the tux rental?

Groomsmen often pay for their tuxedos as bridemaids pay for their dresses.

Not only will the groom require a tuxedo, so will the groomsmen. So who pays for this attire? The same etiquette follows for the groomsmen as it does for the bridesmaids. Groomsmen should pay for their tux rentals as the bridesmaids pay for their gowns. Unless the family can afford otherwise, the general rule is they pay for their own.

Who pays for what at the wedding?

The common tradition that dates back for centuries is that the bride and her family pay for the wedding arrangements, the venue, and the overall ceremony and reception, however this is something that has been gradually changing. In some cases, the groom’s family might pitch in and take over a certain cost of the wedding. It’s become less realstic that the bride and her family can afford the entire wedding. Curious about the details of the wedding and what people are “expected” to pay for? Browse The Knot’s detailed list of Who Pays for What?

When is wedding season?

Weddings take place year round but wedding venues tend to see a low and high season throughout the year. The high season falls around spring and fall. June and September are peak wedding months, therefore wedding venues are most expensive for these months. The low season falls during the winter months, so you will likely see lower wedding venue prices between January and March.

When do you have the wedding shower?

Have your bridal shower at least 1-3 months prior to the wedding.

The best time to have your bridal shower is one to three months prior to your wedding. According to Glamour Weddings, it’s unfair to expect your wedding guests to stretch out wedding celebrations for more than a few months. Don’t hold it too far away from the wedding. Remember a bridal shower is one of the key celebrations to build momentum for the actual event. Read more from Glamour Weddings on when and when not to hold your bridal shower.

What do wedding planners do?

You don’t have to hire a wedding planner, but if you wish to, keep in a mind that a wedding planner’s tasks and abilities vary from client to client. The wedding planner will hold an initial consulation to get to know the clients and their needs. A wedding planner can do as little or as much as you’d like (of course, the more you need, the more it will drive up your cost). A wedding planner can do everything from order flower arrangements to making a dream wedding a reality. As the client, it is your job to communicate effectively and also have trust and faith in your wedding planner.

Are wedding cake samples free?

Depends. Expect to pay for wedding cake sampling, however, it won’t hurt to inquire from the bakery if they offer free cake samples. Some might offer the first three samples free and anything after will be charged. Most cake sampling sessions will likely cost a fee, so factor this into your wedding budget.

What wedding shoes do I wear?

First and foremost: find shoes that are comfortable. You’ll be wearing them throughout the ceremony and walking down the aisle in the shoes you choose. Some women opt for casual looks (flats, canvas shoes, or cowboy boots–depending on the theme of the wedding, too). No matter what you choose, be sure to avoid these wedding shoe mistakes.

Are wedding invitations necessary?

Yes. It’s an unpopular opinion, but you don’t have to make traditional wedding invitations. Of course, most weddings will utilize traditional wedding invitations but they certainly are not necessary in some cases. Yes, you should invite your guests but the question asks a matter of how. You don’t have to make frilly, sparkly wedding invitations on pretty paper. You can invite guests by electronic invitations or through a wedding website.

Are wedding favors expected?

Guests probably never expect wedding favors, but they’ve become such a part of the wedding reception tradition that some guests might look forward to favors. They’re most certainly not required but they are indeed a nice gesture to thank your guests.

Are wedding programs necessary?

Absolutely not, but they can help if you have a long, complex wedding ceremony. They can also double as fans during a hot, outdoor summer wedding.

Do I need a wedding card box?

Wedding card boxes have become an increasingly popular item to have at your wedding reception. You can expect that some guests will opt to bring a card instead of a large warpped gift to the wedding, so having a nice place for guests to put their cards is a great idea. This website provides beautiful wedding card boxes with photo frames to display memories for your guests, too.

How does the wedding registry work?

Most weddings will have a wedding registry and it simply provides your guests with an outline of items you might need to get your life started together as a newlywed couple. Whether people choose to purchase from the registry or not, it can be beneficial to have for some people who may not know you too well. You can set up registries through Target or Macy’s or even set up one through Honeyfund where guests can send you money easily.

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