Hotel Conference: Think Desserts

A lot of hotels have conference rooms so organizations and businesses can put on events inside the same building traveling participants are staying. Regardless of the type of event, if there’s one supplement people look forward to, it’s the food. How many presentations can you think of that have been served over lunch or dinner? People love to eat, and most expect at least a snack at these gatherings.

If you’ll be hosting a conference or formal or informal gathering yourself, you can make it a really special affair by ordering dessert out. This will save you time and effort as you won’t have to bake or create a special dessert yourself. Another plus is knowing your dessert will be delicious, as long as you choose a top quality vendor.

One event planner said she prefers ordering cheesecake. See why:

Whenever I plan to order dessert for a special occasion, I always opt for cheesecake. The reason is, people don’t tend to make cheesecakes themselves at home very often, so it’s a real treat. Plus, almost everyone loves it.

One option is to order cheesecakes online – most actually are quite good. It could be different if you have a bake shop in your area that specializes in cheesecakes, but sometimes ordering online is the cheapest way to go. Stores that sell items in bulk also often have cheesecakes.

Other popular desserts are regular cakes, especially if it is a birthday, an award has been won, or something else where someone deserves a “congratulations.” It’s always good to have different flavor options and even a non-dairy/non-chocolate option in case some attendees are allergic to those things. Sorbet is one of those options that usually is okay for everyone.

Along with dessert, attendees probably will expect coffee. Make sure to have fresh, hot pots on hand. After a large meal, it also helps people to stay awake!

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