How to Look Like You Just Got Back from an Island Vacation

Post-vacation blues is a common nostalgic feeling that gets the better of every one of us. Certainly, it can’t be easy to program the brain to work mode after all the sun and salt that it has soaked up. But then, think about this—come lunch break, you’ll get to flaunt all the nitty-gritty about how fabulous your trip was. Imagine the oohs and aahs when you show them all your selfies while on a cruise to the Caribbean islands.

Are you excited for Monday yet?! Here are some more ideas on how to make your colleagues, even your boss, jealous of your island vacation!

Bring your exotic-looking island tote bag.

Replace your branded leather bag for a few days with an island bag that screams, “I just came back from a Block Island getaway!”

Wear a light, summery dress.

Because you still want to relive your days on board a cruise ship sipping margarita, you may want to dress the part. And it couldn’t hurt the company dress code as long as you’re not in a bathing suit.

Show off that tan.

And in case you didn’t get the chance to get a glowing tan, here’s an alternative. And don’t get too baked under the sun just for a tan as that won’t be good for your skin. Safety first before fashion.

Puff up that sun-kissed hair.

Condition your locks amply and don’t let the ocean water steal away your fun. Try out ombre hair, the latest in hair colors today, which adds highlights towards the ends of your hair. Blond, brunette, red, or black, the key is to lighten up the hair color near the tips.

Accessorize with some island jewelry.

Wear a simple anklet, bracelet, or necklace with a seashell pendant. The less extravagant-looking the better because you don’t want to look like you live on an island;but a tourist who wants to take back to the city a miniature piece of her exotic experience.

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