Why Michigan Beaches are the Best

When people think of beaches they usually think about the ocean. However, lakes have equally beautiful beaches, without the salt water. In Michigan, there are many lakes throughout the state, not just the ones on the shores, that have beautiful beaches and a wonderful environment surrounding them. Here are just a few reasons why Michigan beaches are the best.

No Salt, No Sharks, No Worries!

Michigan is home to one of the biggest freshwater resources in the United States. This is because of the many freshwater lakes within Michigan. The lakes do not contain any of that pesky salt. No burning eyes, no itchy skin because it is dried out from the salt, and no worries.


Is the water too cold to get in? That’s fine, fishing is one of the many water sports that Michiganders partake in. Michigan lakes have a teeming aquatic life and it is always fun to see who can catch the biggest fish.


There are so many lakes, so we have created an acronym to remember the big ones. Each one of the Great Lakes is unique in its own way and so are the beaches that surround them. “H” is for Huron, which is the fastest flowing of the five. “O” is for Ontario which is the only lake of the five that does not touch a single edge of Michigan. “M” is for Michigan which is located between Michigan and Wisconsin. Michigan and Huron are only separated by the Straits of Mackinac, another body of water, making them technically the same lake. “E” is for Erie, the shallowest and warmest of the five lakes. Last but not least, “S” stands for Superior, the largest and coldest of the five lakes.


Whether you are looking for a quiet little beach town, an active public beach, or a quiet remote beach, Michigan has it all. There are sand and rock beaches,as well as dune grass beaches. There is such a wide variety of beaches, lakes, and atmosphere that there is a place for everyone in Michigan.

These are just a few of the reasons Michigan beaches are the best and there are so many more that you will just have to go and experience one for yourself. So if you want to join the Great Lakes state of mind then come visit Michigan for a fantastic beach getaway. If you want to stay walking distance from Lake Michigan, one of the cleanest lakes, then stay with Lakeshore Lodging. They have an array of different rentals offered and with all their options there is no way you won’t enjoy your Michigan vacation.

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