Photo Apps for Travelers

One of the best ways to document a vacation is through taking photographs- lots and lots of them. More and more, travelers are forgoing bulky cameras in favor of their smartphones. With modern technology, this not only no longer sacrifices photo quality, but it also opens photographers up to a whole avenue of photo manipulation and creation via apps. Here are five of our favorite iPhone apps for amateur travel photographers.

Slow Shutter Cam

We’ve all seen those beautiful time lapse photos of traffic streaking by in a busy city, or of a child playing with a sparkler in the backyard. Gone are the days when such photos were only possible for photographers with expensive equipment. For only 99 cents in the app store, you can take slow shutter photos with your iPhone. This app can take some amazing motion photos, especially at night, but it can be tricky to hold it steady enough to get the perfect shot.


For another inexpensive 99 cents, Diptic allows you to make fun photo collages out of your vacation photos. With different filters, borders, and the ability to combine up to nine photos, the possibilities are endless. Diptic makes it easy to share these collages with friends and family via social media, too.


This free app is a winner once you get home. It allows you to take all of your photo masterpieces and easily transcribe them onto canvas, wood, metal, or traditional framed paper prints. Products range from iPhone cases to panorama shots spread across multiple canvases, so there are lots of possibilities for travel momentos.


This app can be a lifesaver for those working off multiple devices. With an eye-fi memory card in your traditional camera, you can wirelessly transfer your camera photos to your mobile device. If you don’t want the memory card, the free app will allow you to easily update photos, and can automatically back up your photos to your Mac or PC for safekeeping.

Postcard on the Run

Postcards have also gotten an update with new technology. This app allows you to transform a photo you take on your vacation into a postcard and send it to the recipient of your choice, all from your phone. Fun add-ons include signing the postcard using your finger as a pen, scratch-and-sniff options, and maps of your location using GPS technology. All-in-all, it creates a meaningful and personal souvenir that your loved ones will treasure.

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