Reasons to Visit Lake Michigan in the Winter

Everyone knows there are many reasons to visit a lake in the summer, but what about the winter? Well, with Lake Michigan there are just as many reasons to visit in the winter as there are in the summer. The lake is beautiful and with the filter of winter, it is even more so. There are many winter specific activities that you must experience if you plan to visit Lake Michigan this winter. Here are just a few of the reasons to visit Lake Michigan this winter.


  • Mount Baldy: This is the famed dune of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Slide down the snow covered, frozen dunes and take in the breathtaking view of the ice covered edges of Lake Michigan.
  • Skiing: There are many cross country skiing paths along the shores of Lake Michigan. You can enjoy views of the frozen lake as well as the blue jays and cardinals. Their bright colors are hard to miss in the snow cover scene.
  • Round Barn Winery: Located in Baroda, Michigan, this family owned distillery has an amazing vodka that you should definitely experience. It is called DiVine vodka and is a great way to warm up after being out in the cold.
  • Snowshoe trails: There are snowshoe trails that go through miles of the state park near Lake Michigan. This is another great way to enjoy the frozen views of Lake Michigan and the land near it.
  • Vickers Theatre: This theater, built in the 1890s, holds the same atmosphere as when it opened. It is like taking a quick step back into history while leaving the winter wonderland outside for a couple of hours.

The view of a quiet and frozen lake is beautiful in the winter, and Lake Michigan is no exception. If you are not into staying out in the cold there are just as many indoor activities to experience in the area as well. This list is only the beginning of what you can do near Lake Michigan in the winter. If you think you would enjoy a vacation near Lake Michigan, then you should stay at Lakeshore Lodging. They offer a wide variety of vacation rentals to meet your wintery vacation needs.

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