Rumors in Atlanta: Police Checks

bank security

There is a rumor about how the Atlanta Police will be making new attempts at thwarting terror. It seems that they will be setting up random ID checks at soft targets like banks. This will help fight terrorism, they say. I’m not so sure. Most banks already have full-time security guards who essentially stand around all day or smoke outside (or so I’ve seen).

Let me see if I can understand this. Billy is headed to the bank with his backpack full of dynamite. When he gets there he will see the police checkpoint and continue on his way. When he gets to the checkpoint, they ask for his ID, create some probable cause to give him a pat down, and discover his evil intentions. World saved! Yay!

Or, more likely, Billy walks on down the street to the next bank and detonates his backpack full of dynamite there. Or maybe he just waits until tomorrow when the cops are no longer there. Maybe he brings a weapon instead and fires from a distance.

I realize this is just a rumor, but do the folks in charge see this tactic has no chance at all of success? None. Zero. The only thing this will do is create congestion (a new terror target itself), interfere with private business transactions, and destroy rights.

The only people impressed by this will be Joe Schmo and Sally Soccer-Mom who will undoubtedly feel that they are being well protected by Big Brother. I thought the terrorists hated us because of our freedoms? I guess one way to make them stop hating us is to get rid of our freedoms.

Have you heard the rumor? Or, better yet, what other Atlanta rumors are you aware of?

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