How To Spend Date Night In Yarmouth, MA

Sometimes finding the perfect spot for a date night can seem overwhelming, especially when you live or are staying in a town like Yarmouth where there are so many options. Every couple is different so the idea of an ideal date night may vary. Below are some of the best, and unique, date options for couples that are looking for a good time in Yarmouth, MA.

Seagull Beach
If you are looking for a relaxing day by the water, Seagull Beach is great for putting your feet up and enjoying the company of your date. The water is known to be warm and perfect for swimming. There is even a snack bar that offers a variety of snacks and beverages. Visitors of the beach love how clean the beach is.

Putter’s Paradise
Putter’s Paradise is an ideal date for the couple who likes to have a fun time together but stay active. The course is one of the most scenic golf courses around, which gives it a romantic appeal for dates. Golfers also love to have some of the iconic Gifford ice cream that Putter’s Paradise offers. The price for each adult is under ten dollars which make it a very convenient and affordable date.

Great Marsh Kayak Tour
The Great Marsh Kayak Tour is a nice way to have a day out on the water while seeing all kinds of sea life. The trip is about three hours, and every group can request a tour guide to make sure you get the most out of your trip. The kayaks are easy to ride and safe, so most customers feel at ease and can enjoy the trip.

Werner Schmidt Observatory
The Werner Schmidt is one of the most famous observatories near the Yarmouth area. It is only open certain days of the week, so it’s important to check the hours and days before planning your date. Visitors can go to the observatory and observe different stars and planets. There are even astronomers there that can answer all of your questions about the outside world.

Ryan Family Amusement
Even though family amusements are typically thought of for kids, a classic bowling date might just be the perfect thing for you and your better half. Ryan Family Amusement is especially great for a rainy day. Couples can go there to bowl at an affordable price and also enjoy a great meal. Bowling is also great for double or group dates.

These date night activities are great for year-round residents or those just visiting Yarmouth and the Cape Cod area for the summer. If you’re looking to make your date night a romantic getaway, The Captain Farris House Bed and Breakfast is a cozy place to stay for couples.

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