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Making Sure Your Hotel Caters to Your Needs

People often forget that part of the customer service experience when booking hotels begins with that hotel having the right accommodations for you and your fellow travelers. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, and the last thing you want to have to worry about is a hotel not having the right amenities. People with disabilities […]

Never Forget Anything in Your Hotel Room Again

There’s always that moment, after leaving a hotel or inn, when you realize you left your phone charger behind the desk or your favorite necklace on the bathroom counter. It happens to the best of us, when you’re rushing to check out or tired after a long trip and just want to get home, you […]

Top Things To Do in Logan, Ohio

Ohio isn’t often many people’s go to travel destination, but there is an abundance of awesome attractions to be found when visiting Ohio. Here are the tops things to do in and around Logan, Ohio:

Corporate Housing and Hotels: What Are They?

If you’re traveling for business and will be in one area for more than a few days, sure, you could stay at a regular hotel, but having to go out to eat every night and being without a lot of the amenities you’d have at home can get frustrating. In addition, you might not want […]

Hotel Conference: Think Desserts

A lot of hotels have conference rooms so organizations and businesses can put on events inside the same building traveling participants are staying. Regardless of the type of event, if there’s one supplement people look forward to, it’s the food. How many presentations can you think of that have been served over lunch or dinner? […]

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Hotel Coupons

We’re working to bring you the very best deals, steals, and wagon wheels in the HOT-lanta area. Here are just a few of the amazing things we’ve found thus far. Check out these fantastic rates and coupons for Atlanta-based hotels! P.S. If you think I sound like a used car salesman…that’s ’cause I am!  

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