Tips to Fly Cheap

When planning the cost of a trip, transportation is sometimes the most expensive factor. Airline costs have skyrocketed in recent years, and finding a cheap flight can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. No one wants to pay more than they have to in order to get from point A to point B, but no one wants to sit on the computer for hours searching airline websites either. Time is also money. So how exactly can you find the cheapest flights? Below are frequent flyer tips that will help you save money on travel so you have more to spend at your final destination.

  • Book your flight on Tuesday afternoons. Airlines usually announce sales late on Monday. When competitors notice the discount, they usually lower their own prices to match the first one’s sale. All airlines that plan on matching the sale will have done so by early Tuesday afternoon, leaving you with the cheapest options to choose from. The prices will increase again within the next day or two, so don’t delay!
  • Fly on Wednesday. Tuesday and Saturday are your next best options. Friday and Sunday are the most expensive days to fly since most people travel for the weekends. Try to find flights that depart during or after lunch, or around dinnertime. Red eye flights are the cheapest of all.
  • Fly out of hubs. Flying into or out of small, commuter airports usually costs more than flying directly from a major airport. Use Google Flights to compare ticket prices from different airports within driving distance. It may be worth the money you pay for gas or a train ticket to go a little out of your way. Make sure to consider the cost of overnight parking at the airport to ensure you’re saving money.
  • Look for flights in advance- but not too far in advance. Most airlines release cheaper seats three or four months before domestic flight departures, and four to five months in advance for international travel. Don’t book six months ahead of time or you’ll miss the deals to come.
  • Avoid peak travel surcharges. If you’re trying to get somewhere during the holidays, or when seats are typically limited, you may be subject to “peak travel surcharges.” During busy travel times, airlines know seats are in high demand and thus charge more. To avoid these fees, travel the week before or after the rush. Being flexible about travel dates can go a long way in saving money for cheaper flights anytime of year.
  • Check out low cost airlines, but don’t assume they’re cheapest. Some low cost airlines won’t allow comparison ticket websites to quote their ticket prices. It can be worth the extra effort to check the individual airlines’ websites for pricing. Low cost airlines aren’t always the cheapest, but they’re worth looking into.
  • Buy tickets separately. When purchasing tickets for more than one person at a time, airline reservation systems are set to sell tickets at the same price. If there is only one seat left at a lower ticket price, you will be charged the higher ticket price for all the seats. To beat the system, shop for one seat and then gauge it against the quoted price for two or more seats. If the quote for one seat is lower, buy the tickets individually. Don’t forget to choose your seat row/number if it is important to you to sit with someone you know.

This article was written by Lauren, a travel enthusiast and contributor for The Governor’s House Inn. The Governor’s House Inn is a charming bed and breakfast located in Charleston, South Carolina. Click here to plan your next getaway!

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