Tips for Vacationing in Beautiful California

California is the most populous state in the United States and one of the most-visited. With a continuous warm climate, several locations and destinations that serve for family fun, and an entire coastline devoted to the Pacific Ocean, Cali is a sought-after vacation spot for the masses. But with a state so big and so unlike many others, it’s important to do your research before tackling things like the busy beaches or hectic traffic.

When Should You Visit California?
While anytime of the year is a good time to visit due to the state’s consistent climate and beautiful weather, some season do prove to be better than others depending on what you want to go for. If you’re thinking of heading to California in March or April, think again. Like Florida, Cali is a destination for teenagers and college students around their spring break vacations, and that only means the beaches will be almost impossible to visit.

It can also be foggy during the middle of the summer at the beaches, too. During the winter, it tends to rain (yes, it does still rain occasionally in California). The best time to visit, is the fall. Tourist crowds have left at this point, gloomy, foggy weather from the summer has lifted, and the trees and weather are gorgeous.

Research the Attractions and Be Smart About Them
Be savvy when it comes to visiting the many attractions located all around California. If you’re traveling with kids and looking to visit Disneyland, research tips and tricks on how to be savvy.¬†Disneyland is a major tourist attraction, so plan ahead and know what you’re getting into. The same goes for all the other attractions on your to-do list, like Yosemite, visiting SanFran, and enduring the traffic of Los Angeles.

Getting Around in California
Either way you look at it, you’ll be facing at least a couple hours sitting in traffic throughout your time in California (that is, depending on where you choose to visit). Most tourists get around California by automobile, and if you’re visiting places like Los Angeles, which is notorious for terrible traffic, be prepared. A great tool to use to see what kind of traffic you could be experiencing is You can see right away what traffic delays you may face on the road at that time.

About the Author: Kaitlin is a guest contributor for POSH Palm Spring Inn, a bed and breakfast in Palm Springs, California, providing personable service and hospitality to its guests.

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