Top Halloween Walking Tours to Take in Savannah, Georgia

The beautiful coastal city, Savannah, Georgia, is known for its breathtaking, well-maintained flourishing parks, historic architecture, and tourism drive. There is a lot to see and do in the city, whether it be a simple stroll through one of its many parks or a guided tour through the many historic buildings. Savannah has plenty of offer in the fall, included seasonal and year-round spooky walking tours. If you’re headed to Savannah, here are the top guided Halloween tours┬áto check out while you’re there:

Haunted Pubs & Taverns Tour

Becasue Halloween is less than two weeks away, this Savannah tour is popular among tourists right now. Guests are guided by a seasonal tour guide through the pubs and taverns of Old Savannah. The guide tellss stories of each pub and its place in history. Of course, Savannah is rich with history–so there’s bound to be some interesting, and even some spooky, stories to tell. Guides are interactive and knowledgeable.

Guests will learn about local legends while touring through this historic town–and while sipping on a few brews, as well.

Civil War Tour

Though not very Halloween-themed, this is easily one of the most popular tours in Savannah. Take a stroll through this historic city, learning all of its background and stories in the war. A guided tour like this will take guests back in time, showing them the story of Savannah, Georgia during the time of the Civil War. Highlights of this tour are the houses of the South’s most prominent generals, learning about Savannah’s role in the Civil War, and all about its military stratagies.

Ghost Tour

Learn about the skeletons that Savannah, Georgia might be hiding in its closet. Savannah is commonly known as a superstitious place, and this tour will prove that to you–maybe even help you witness a few ghosts. The tour focuses on local legends, house hauntings, and the occasional house exorcism. Guests will walk through the oldest part of the city at twilight, through the old colonial homes and the historic district.

A Walk Through Midnight

Savannah, Georgia wants its guests to know, “Don’t let the Southern charm fool you.” This walk, based on the best-selling novel, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, A Savannah Story,” takes its guests through the sights made famous by the novel. Learn about the eccentric city through the sights portrayed in the novel.

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