Top Spooky Places to Visit in The Outer Banks

There are several places in the Outer Banks of North Carolina that have a reputation as being haunted or spooky place to visit. The top three places have battled for the number one spot for years. Each one is supposed to be the wandering space for the ghosts of famous people like Blackbeard, who was also Edward Teach.

Teach’s Hole

The place Blackbeard is said to haunt is his execution site, a cove on Ocracoke Island, where he was beheaded before his body was thrown into the sea. His head was lifted high onto the boat of his killer for everyone to see. Blackbeard’s ghost has been reported to be seen walking the beaches looking for his lost head. Myths surrounding the circumstances of his death circulate about his screaming head and moving body after the loss of his head.

Eleanor and Virginia Dare

Virginia Dare is the first English child born to American parents in the United States. Her colony, her mother, and Virginia all disappeared in less than three years. There were 100 members of their landing party that was to settle the area on Roanoke Island. Reports were that Virginia and Eleanor were assimilated into a Croatian Tribe and that Eleanor was transformed into a white deer in death by the witch doctor. Her spirit has been seen by visitors as a white doe that lives quietly on the island.

The Black Pelican Restaurant

Captain James Hobbs was executed by a member of the lifesaving crew which he directed in 1884. T.L. Daniels never liked the Captain and was extremely angry about a comment the Captain made towards his wife. Daniels shot the Captain out of spite and buried his body at sea with the rest of the crew as witnesses and participants in the burial. Visitors say that Daniels still roams The Black Pelican Restaurant, which was the original site of Station Six in 1884.

The Bodie Island Lighthouse

Visitors to The Bodie Island lighthouse that tour the gatekeepers cottage, the current gift shop, report an unusual occurrence that happens every day at 4 p.m. Someone or something knocks from behind the brick wall over the large fireplace. No one knows who or what might be causing the sound, but it only happens once a day.

Roanoke Island Inn

Roscoe Jones is the ghost who reportedly stalks the grounds of the Roanoke Island Inn after being let go by the U.S. Postal Service. He lived as a recluse until his death when he was said to be seen walking around in his postal uniform leaving and coming into the property. Radios turning on, blinds being shut, and broken vases have also happened at the Inn. Most of the activity centers in rooms three and seven.

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