Vacationing in Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs is in Carroll County, Arkansas. It is home to the legendary Basin Spring which is believed to be the Great Healing Spring that frequents many Native American legends. The area was once all wilderness, isolated from the world, but when news of the spring began to spread, people with all sorts of illnesses flocked to the spring, hoping its waters would heal them. This constant activity allowed for the town of Eureka Springs to form and there it still stands today. This area is rich with history and great for visiting. If you want to visit Eureka Springs here are just a few of the things you must see and do while there.

Visit historical downtown: Go on walking tours through the downtown area. A knowledgeable guide will show you the way, telling the story of Eureka Springs.

Go zip lining: You can go zip lining in the mountains with Ozark Mountain Ziplines.

Visit Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge: This is a fabulous big cat refuge where you can see all types of big cats such as tigers, bobcats, cougars and more.

Check out Beaver Lake: Beaver Lake is said to have the best views in Eureka Springs. It is man-made, but it is nestled in the mountains which allow for beautiful, natural views.

Visit Blue Spring Heritage Center: On the National Register of Historic Places, it is a definite must see. With beautiful views and historical meaning, you will regret missing this wonderful home of blue skies and laughing waters.

Eureka Springs is home to an intricate history and amazing views. Just walking out of your hotel will be an experience, so make sure you enjoy every minute of it, especially while you are sleeping. Amazing Branson Rentals is located near Eureka Springs and has beautiful vacation cabins for rent. With all that space available it will be hard not to enjoy your vacation to Eureka.

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