What Women Should Know Before a Proposal

You love him. He loves you. You’ve been together for so long that everyone keeps asking you when the big day will be. Women might get tired of playing the waiting game with her boyfriend and don’t know what to do to make him drop the M word. Well, don’t hold your breath and DON’T drop on your knees and propose. Even though women can now become presidents and prime ministers, it’s still never ever going to be a part of a woman’s DNA to propose to her man.

So how do you know if he’s serious with you? How do you know if you should start burning your invite list? Well, proposing to a girlfriend is not as easy as you might think, especially if you’re in the guy’s shoes. Men think differently from women, and there are things going through their head that you have to understand, or at least acknowledge.

  1. He’s not sure of a “Yes.” This doesn’t mean that you should parade around the apartment in a wedding dress. Getting married is a serious lifetime decision that involves both of you. Have you two ever discussed about weddings, starting a family, where to live, kids? Don’t force the issue but if your relationship is still on the rocky side, or these topics are not comfortable for you two, then he would really think twice about asking you.
  2. He’d rather move in together first. Some men believe that in order to get to know a woman fully, he has to share spaces with her day and night. Real personalities come out when dealing with who gets to wash the dishes or take the trash out. Both of you will also get to live like a married couple and straighten out your responsibilities on paying the bills. If everything works out, then he’ll be confident enough to propose.
  3. He feels too much pressure. I know you have your wedding proposals idea that you caught from books and movies, and you can’t help but want the same thing. Well, maybe it’s time to give him a break. Mustering the courage to propose for some guys is hard enough. Don’t put too much pressure on the idea of having the most romantic proposal that would make all women jealous. Let him feel that however he does it, you’ll still love him and will still say yes to him.
  4. He can’t afford a ring. Perhaps he has a feeling that you would rather have a big rock on your finger or not get married at all. A great boyfriend will find the most beautiful engagement ring for you when he proposes, BUT if it will make him go bankrupt, at least you know he tried. Getting engaged is not about the ring that jewelry commercials have imbibed in women. The ring symbolizes his commitment to you and your relationship and that’s what’s important.
  5. He’s scared to talk to your father. Being a gentleman that your boyfriend is, he wants to ask for your dad’s blessing before asking your hand for marriage. Awww. That’s sweet and that’s a sign of a catch right there. If you already have an idea that he is planning to propose but is just apprehensive about the idea of talking to your dad, then maybe you could already set a meeting with your family and let them know his intentions. Tell your dad how much he means to you and that he should go easy on him.
  6. He’s still looking for the perfect time and place to do it. This is most especially the case for men who like to plan everything ever since you had your first date. It’s a momentous event in your lifetime so give him some credit for taking the time to make it extra special. To give him some helpful hints, you can comment on romantic places you’d like to see (my suggestion will be Eureka Springs) or how you’d imagine the proposal to be. Just make sure to be as subtle as you can as you don’t want to ruin his surprise for you.
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