Why You Should Have Your Maine Coast Wedding at an Inn

The Maine Coast provides a beautiful backdrop for a wedding with its beaches and rock formations that line the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Its gorgeous sunsets scream romance and will be sure to enchant your guests. One of the best ways to take full advantage of all the beauty the coast has to offer is to have your Maine Coast wedding at an inn; here are some of the reasons why:

Everything is All in One Place

When you have your Maine Coast wedding at an inn, you can have your entire wedding all in one place. In the days leading up to the event, the whole wedding party can stay at the inn. Plan some fun activities that everyone can do together before the big day. Tour some of the lighthouses that are scattered along the coast and go for a romantic walk along the beach with your spouse-to-be.

Having your wedding at an inn means you can transition between your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception seamlessly without having to go anywhere else. Your guests can simply go to one location for the entire event which is especially helpful for out of town guests or any non-Mainers who may not know the area well. The fewer places your guests need to go, the less likely they are to get lost. This will help lessen any emergency phone calls that you and the wedding party could get on the big day. Without the stress of those last-minute calls, you can feel free to relax and enjoy getting ready with your family and closest friends. You can focus on creating memories rather than trying to follow a strict schedule. Instead of rushing from venue to venue, you will be able to spend the whole day right along the coast.


One of the best reasons to have your Maine Coast wedding at an inn is the convenience. Whether your wedding is big or small, there are multiple options for any size wedding. Because many inns are located right along the beach of the Maine Coast, you can have your ceremony on the beach or in and around the inn and have spectacular views of the coast. The staff can help you plan a small, intimate soiree or a bigger celebration.

Catering is available at many inns and they will have their own rentals, this way you don’t need to go through as many companies. The fewer phone numbers and contacts you need to keep track of the better. While you’re planning, it can be a one-stop shop. Pick out your entire menu, create some specialty cocktails and design the spaces you will be using during the same appointment. They will also be able to help you throughout the entire day. They can give directions to any third-party company and help your guests. If you need something in your room, you can just walk back and get it. No need to freak out if you forgot something in the midst of getting ready. As the night comes to a close, you can take a moment to look at the stars and get a look at the coast at night before the quick walk back to your suite.



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